mk 1 top joint moulding required

I realize this is probably a forlorn hope , but I need a top jop joint moulding - this is the plastic moulding that the top ball sits in and has “Strida” written on it - for a Mk 1. My idiot son decided it would be fun to pull a wheelie on the bike and the ball joint broke apart on landing. I guess this will come from somebody who is breaking a mk 1, and it can be removed from the bike quite easily.
Fingers crossed.

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Please be patient with your son and think about the age of that plastic part!

Today, [size=150]15:45[/size]

Today, [size=150]15:49[/size]

If you get this part -

would you please NOT throw away the broken one?
I would pay for a broken one (if it is complete) - for research purposes :sunglasses:

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There are some amazing modifications/repairs of the Strida 1’s top ball-joint moulding posted here. :wink:
[url]Strida 1 Ball Socket Repair/Replacement]

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Thank you for your replies. It is as I thought - there are no parts. The modification shown in the link looks like the way to go. Fortunately, I worked in mechanical engineering before retiring, so I should be able to sort out a repair.

Add on
The broken parts were scattered around the road, so there is no chance of fixing the old one, nor is it even worth selling

Very good, I hope you’ll let us know about your solution.

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Hi all,

I’ve obtained 3d CAD from Mark & am already investigating options to get some B PLA 13(LH) & 14(RH) fabricated to repair my STRIDA 1.

If there’s sufficient interest I can get up to 10 made at a prototyping place near me?

Hello Mk1_riding_Engineer,

that seems to be a highly interesting project :astonished:

Please keep us posted…

I’ve had my quotes back & they’re not horrendous so am getting a sample for fit check.


did it fit ok? How accurate is it?

Velorusion (Strida UK, distributor) has some Mk1 spares.
No idea of prices tho’
Still see some low cost Mk1’s on ebay UK, useful for spares.

Several Mk1’s on ebay UK spares or repair (these are 25 yrs old !) … 2ec7e5578a … 1e7aa71d5d … 20d2c20770 … 2c6ec52e7c

Hi Folks

I have just purchased a MK1 having admired these great bikes for years. I am pre-empting the break of the plastic top ball joint and wanted to know if the chap that had the prototype made actually had a production model fabricated…if so I would be very interested in buying one.

I have read loads about these triangular machines and cannot wait to check over my new stead and make sure I can commute into the big smoke on it…probably a bit ambitious on a +20 year old machine but I am going to try! :slight_smile:


Giles the Viking

Hello Giles the Viking,

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it’s nice to read that kind words about the “Grandma” of our modern bikes :smiley:

Good luck for your parts research!

Thanks for the welcome Blackstrida

I hope to get some news soon form the Forum



Hi Folks

Just picked up my MK1 Strida today…finally!! It is pretty good condition considering its age. it is one of the first 7000 made with a serial number of 6824 or thereabouts. I have had a bit of ride on it and it feels good. The only problem is the seat bracket is broken which means that the seat swings a bit. Does anyone know of any where that I can get my hands on a replacement please? Would a new quick release one fit a MK1 at all? Many thanks in advance for anyone`s help


Giles the Viking

Hello Giles,

I haven’t a clue, but when I remember correctly wrote somebody (maybe Amuro?) that the 5.0 molding version does also fit the 3.0.
Maybe it does on Mk1 too, guess you should simply try it, the normal moldings are not expensive.
Looking at diagram 14 at page 33 of the Strida 1 manual I’d say the moldings are - at least - similar.

Perhaps you unmount your molding one day, we might be able to compare your part with new(er) ones via the dimensions and the location of the seat pin.


Thanks for your reply. I will take the thing apart and have a look. I was going to call Velorution in London to ask them too.



Please tell us about their reply…

Morning Strida Forum

I have spoken to Velorution and they say the QR seat mounting will not fit the MK1…not to be defeated I then rang Van Moof in the Netherlands and they think that it should fit it. I think I am going to give it a try. I will let you know what the outcome is