Mini and Me

Hi Everyone,

Well summer is finally here in London (well the north west part anyway). Mini and I have been out commuting this week and we are now fit enougth to cycle non stop up the small inclines of Harrow. (Don’t laugth, I am a little overweight and very unfit) :blush:

We have experienced a few scarry moments.

  1. Car drivers not respecting the specified cycle lanes!! (I am also a car driver and I alway respect cycle lanes).

  2. Car drivers appearing to “slow down and stare at at us” and scarrying me to death in the process.

  3. Due to some serious speeding issues, (who says the mini can only achieve 19Km/h?) I have skidded a few times and it has made me realise that I really should be wearing a cycle helmet.

However, I am loving the warm weather, the rack bag and the freedom Mini has given me.

Has anyone else experienced my little problems?


Rapunzel :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not in London, but yes it sounds familiar.

  1. It’s not only the cycle lanes. It helps if you drive with a larger distance to the side. On streets without cycle lanes like following the wheel of a car. This is about 80cm distance to the side, more if here are parking cars.

  2. Well, this is the price of a Strida :wink:

  3. I don’t wear a helmet. Here are arguments against it: But it is a personal decision. To minimize the skidding try using the front brake (with caution).


+1 Tom ^^^^^

I definitely get the ‘stare’ bit … I hope it makes drivers more aware.
When riding with cars I tend to ride away from the sidewalk, so that they have to make a definite decision to pass - a few dont like this must most realise you are ‘Flesh and blood’ like them, and give a wider distance.

When i was in London I used a splendid cycle map showing all the nice routes off main roads, along cycle paths and even along a canal (which was awsome - down below all traffic above - in gentle world, yet still in the city !) … links coming up … … quest.aspx

Sorry I cant remember the name of the canal.