Mark's newest improvement on Strida?

Come on Ming - let us have it - NOW :smiley:

Finally! I’m not sure why a quick release seat wasn’t developed earlier. In the video it appears there is something like guide/lock rail along the bottom of the seat tube which may mean it is probably not going to work properly on the current Strida (no retro-fit option) but may show up in a future version incorporating the modified tube.

Although Mark has shown Ming Cycle many improvements on Strida, they still like to do (and learn) a lot themselves. :frowning:

So the adjustable seat is a development by Ming and not from Sanders?
Does its function depend upon an integral guide rail on the tube?

I think the QR seat prototype which is shown on the video was designed and made by Mark. I have no idea when did Mark design this. Maybe this is one of his designs which were rejected by Ming Cycle before, I guess. :unamused: