Mark's 3 speed

Here is an interesting article in A to B magazine, December edition, describing the prototype 2 and 3 speed plastic epicyclic gears developed by Mark Sanders for the Strida 3. … 3/3/9?dps=

Hi Minkair,

As most of us are not subscribers of A to B magazine online, we cannot read the page in full size. Could you tell us briefly what the article is talking about?

I can only find some pictures of the prototype plastic epicyclic geared front pulley developed by Mark for the Strida 2 on his web albums. However, I know noting about it. :unamused:


Certainly, Amuro.

A reader wrote in to ask A to B magazine about a 5/7 speed Strida, gears in bottom bracket pulley. Editor (David Henshaw) replied those were Miyata/Shimano crankwheel epicyclic gears from the 80’s adapted by Strida owners. He then went on to describe other Strida multi-gears (MBi from Korea, Sturmey bottom bracket gearbox, Ming rear pulley multispeed) and his own favorite - Mark’s plastic 2 or 3 speed crank pulleys with the freewheel built-in (ie Strida 3). He said the idea was well-developed by Mark with working prototypes, but never proceeded to production :frowning: The pictures are the same as yours, except no exploded view.


Great! I need a cheap gear for my Strida.

Here is a good video to understand how Epicyclic Gear works :smiley:
Video :
Description : Planetary gear set in motion. First the planet carrier is held stationnary, then the sun is held stationnary, finally the ring gear is held stationnary.

Thank you very much Minkair! :wink:

By the way, what are they actually?

There is a rumour saying that there will be a 3-speed Strida next year.
[url]Very frustrated at lack of Strida Sport Duo - #13 by madfolder]

Does it mean that the “Ming rear pulley multispeed” will be used on the 3-speed model next year? :unamused: