LT or SX

I want to buy a Strida and found a pricey offer for an LT.
From my usual biking though I’d rather go for the SX (18’‘),
What are the experiences with the SX’s “plastic-spoked” 16’’ wheels?
As rigid and robust as spoked wheels (e.g. the SX’s wheels)?

Thank’s for any advice!

what you are really comparing to is the ride quality of the 16 inch rides to the 18 inch wheels. Those LT wheels look great and If they did come in 18 inches I’d by them instead so I can totally forget about spokes breaking on me.

But for me. I would choose the SX because of the 18 inch wheels. Once I upgraded my 16 inch wheels to 18 it was quite a different experience. the 18 came with kojaks that really flies down the street! On hills you might need to slowly get used to it because you basically upped the gear on that bike. My bike on 16 inchers felt more durable and you have the option of putting on the Big apples which will then let you ride on gravel paths with ease. You cannot do that to the 18 wheelset because you will be hitting the frame when you get close to the 1.30+ width sizes.


Thank you very much for your exhaustive reply.
As you I’d go for the SX, if there wasn’t the price.
Now I orderer an 16’’ which I will upgrade myself to 18’’ (buy spokes and rims).
I feel 200 Euros for a pair of “ordinary” 18’'-wheels is far too much.


I have just started selling SX and LT Strida, so please drop me an email if you want a good price. I am giving a healthy discount at the moment!

Actually $175 usd for those set of wheels isn’t that bad if you considered what you are getting,
from that wheelset i get
2 kojak tires (around 80-90usd)
2 full built wheels (labour and materials, spokes, rims, hubs, probably run you almost 80-100 total
1 aluminum freewheel (30-40 usd)

from that total you are looking at already over 200usd just to build your own wheel, that wheel set is quite a deal comparing to getting parts here and there unless you wanted fancy aerospokes and a vrim.

Agree fully, you will get new bearings, brake rotors and also (at Vanmoof/Netherlends) a pair of mudguards!