lost bungee cord from alloy carrier

today i lost the bungee cord from the alloy carrier, could anyone help me and tell me where can i find another one to buy???

Hello sotirakas,

please ask Strida directly for the bungee (alloy carrier’s Strida identification code is ST-RK-002).


Strida Europe:

Let us know what you’ll find out :smiley:

thanks for your answer!
yes i called strida.gr directly when i noticed that i lost it to see if i could find another bungee cord, but he told me that i should buy the whole carrier from the beginning, which i already have… he told me that this bungee is not for sale seperately… so saaaaad :frowning:
Any other ideas???

Exactly the same I’ve been told when I asked in Europe for Strida hubs a while ago…

  • (they* said complete wheels only) -
    …Ok, I had to order them from Hong Kong directly, but finally I got them :smiling_imp:
  • “they” were Vanmoof :cry:

However, did you also contact Strida Europe (=Vanmoof)?

Yes indeed, a few (assumed that the bungee is available as a spare part from Ming cycle directly)…how fast do you need it?

You wrote to be sad, so you did like the three band cord in :astonished: orange or white?
Seems that there are two colors on the market:

Of which color was yours?

thanks for helping me so so much! Your help is great!
I just sent an email to contact@strida.com) and i am waiting for their answer… i hope they will answer to me…
i checked ming cycle and i couldnt find the bungee cord as a spare part :frowning: so where these few people saw it?
I dont care from where i will order it, from hong kong or from greece, i just need the cord and nothing else matters to me, even if i have to wait long time for the shipping…
I just need to find it somewhere…
I loved the bungee cord and i am very very sad since i lost it :frowning:
I had it in orange, but i dont care for the colour… what interests me is to put the bungee cord back on my carrier again, of course without need to buy the whole carrier from the beginning…
Thanks for your help again!!!

valerie@vanmoof.com: “We have the carrier rack on our website! Unfortunately we don’t have the bungee cords loose from the carrier.”

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Gladly, you’re welcome :smiley:

Visited today my friend Mike, accidentally the owner of the first Viennese folding bike store,
maybe we have another option for you if you accept a minor disadvantage.

The upper strap is more than twice as long as an original and the hooks are detachable;
the rubber cords can be shortened to the desired length.

Disadvantage: The corners are slightly touching the carrier frame, however the hooks are working.

If you want this strap please let us know,
item and shipping costs would be supported by http://www.dasfaltrad.at/ :smiley:

Mike meant we Austrians are not as mean as the rest of Europe, we do support Greece!


ehmmm… not that bad, better than nothing though… :frowning:
if noone can suggest me something else so i can find the original one, then i will try to get this one…
can you please send me the link of this item and also tell me how much it costs (in euros), how much would cost the shipping to athens and what are the payment methods?
Thanks again…

You’re a gourmet and strongheaded - very good characteristics to get parts in hand which are “unfortunately not available”

  • sadly they forget sometimes to add " - in Europe"!

Something else, please:

You might contact Ming cycle directly (in Taiwan), write a few kind words to our dear Sara :smiley:
(Seems they are renewing the site http://www.mingcycle.com.tw/, hope that does not belong to the email-adress.)

Once you’ve figured out if the original bungee is available as a spare part (not sure by now),
you might try to order it directly from Strida Hong Kong, Philip is a really nice guy :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t have a link of this bungee (at the moment), all I know is that the label was marked with “SIMSON”.
(We’ve removed the label while checking if it’s possible to shorten the rubber cords.)
I didn’t find it per Google, of course I will ask Mike; it costs at his shop 7 € (~ 65 cm hook to hook) and I got it for free.

Said again, I’ll try different words:
The above pictured grey-darkblue bungee is cost-free (for you), no payment.
All you need to do is to mail me your name & exact address;
via forum mail (upper left corner when logged in) or here STV@gmx.org

If you insist for paying we will also find a solution; I mean better via private mail.

Kind regards to Athens!

I got this dark blue bungee … its very good, the hooks are working fine and thats the point…
many many thanks to friends from Austria and dasfaltrad.at/ , the first Viennese folding bike store…
I already asked everybody about the original bungee, so if i have any news about it in the future, i will let you know…
:smiley: thanks to striders friends and this great forum, i smile again :smiley:

Found by chance another bungee at Rose/Germany.

Spanngurt [German] = similar to = (elastic) strap, bungee

Much too long, but the shape of the hooks and the kind of rubber cord clamping are very close to the original (to the right below).
The shortening of the rubber bands should be no problem.

Interestingly, it’s a product of Taiwan, maybe we should Ming let know where to get spare bungees…