Looking to buy another Strida: an EVO or C1

Particularly interested in the C1 or EVO. Prefer brand-new. I’m in NE U.S. near NYC. Will drive to anywhere in NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH, VT, D.C., Maryland, the Virginias. I’m working with David of Bfold in NYC, whom I bought my Duo from; he says the main distributor North American doesn’t have any in stock. But maybe there’s an EVO or C1 in someone’s shop you know about? Let me know!

Will consider a used EVO (the 3-speed) if it’s in good working condition.

This afternoon I had a long talk with my bike guy (vendor-repair person), Dave, who owns Bfold in NYC, and he gave me a good understanding of the changes the U.S. market is going through right now. I have a somewhat decent shot at getting an EVO 3-speed later this year, but we’re both thinking that there probably aren’t enough C1s left for Ming to ship any more of them to N. America. And we don’t expect the C2 (if one ever comes out) will be a two-speed; that would add too much weight.

So as much as I would like a super light bike, the EVO is probably better for me anyway, since there are occasionally very steep (albeit short) hills on the rides I do; and that top gear ratio, helpful for going fast down hills, I will also need, because local traffic where I ride in upstate NY sometimes demands extreme acceleration downhill to get around cows, geese, tractors, etc., before they try to get around you, if you know what I mean. Otherwise loss of altitude with no gain in speed can occur, and that’s something I can’t have.

You did know that it is most likely not possible to retrofit any gear drive into a C1?
(Belt - frame collision due to smaller beltwheel.)
Just sayin…

Top gear ratio has efneo.

You did know that it is most likely not possible to retrofit any gear drive into a C1?


Top gear ratio has efneo.

What’s an “efneo”? And does that statement apply to the EVO 3-speed?

An “efneo GTRO” is a European made three-speed bottom bracket gear drive.
Cable engaged and technically very different in comparison to the KS3.
It is suitable for all single-speed bottom tubes but it can not replace an EVO KS3 gear drive (yet).

Efneo Gearbox for Strida

efneo GTRO three speed gearbox

Sorry, but I can’t figure out which way you mean that exactly…I’ll try this reply:

You can check the possible gear ratios here (including efneo):

Re: Gear ratios information about different models of Strida


I just bought an EVO and I am really satisfied with its riding performance.
However, EVO is not a light-weight bike; with stock pedals the total weight is around 12.8 kg (more than 28 lbs).

Would you consider the 3 speed worth it?

Sturmey Archer KS3 and efneo GTRO - both are 3 speed…

But Archer KS3 is kick-shift. Not wire-controlled. It is Very simple and smooth.