Looking for spare part MK1 Strida Bike

I’m looking for a steering part for the MK1 in the manual it has the number 24.
It is an essential and important part to connect te bike together.
I hope that somebody can help me to find that special part, I know it won’t be easy to find it.

Thanks in advance for somebody who can help me.

My name is Tony I live in the Netherlands.

Dear Tony,

welcome at Stridaforum!

I’m so sorry to say that there are no news besides that which were already posted.
(And that so many times that you must have found in the meantime corresponding threads.)

It is correct that some really intrigued fans are working to recreate certain parts by modern 3D printing - but for now there is nothing available.
Time may change this, most likely is here the right place to announce good news - once the work is done…

In the following I’ll quote myself; wrote recently this regarding a Strida Mini at bikeforums:

Best regards,


Thank you very much Chris for your response, I still wait for a wonder for the day that somebody will send me an email with good news about the broken spare part.
Til that time I will be patient and wait.
Best regards,
Tony from the Netherlands.