Looking for nice spoke lights

To improve my visibility in traffic and to have some fun, I am looking at a spoke light sytem like the products of Monkeylectric (http://www.monkeylectric.com/products.htm).

Unfortunately, all these systems seem to require wheels of at least 20".

There are cheaper alternatives like LED tire valve stem caps, but they are less funny.

And if one has some knowledge of electronics, there is the DIY Spoke led light:

Does anyone have a spoke light system on his Strida?

I have not, but many thanks for the DIY link.
Very interesting PCB, even cut it is still too big for our wheels.
A resized board and smaller LEDs (guess the guy is using 5 mm LEDs) would work, I think…

These look like fun. However, knowing how picky the authorities are here in Germany, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were illegal here. :frowning:

I’m not so sure they are illegal in Germany: this German company rents bikes equipped with Monkeylectric spoke lights for advertising purposes: http://www.cycloscreen.com/

I found some more alternative to the Monkeylectric, but I’m not sure they fit our wheels either:

They are not legal in Germany. But the bill affects only bicycles used in traffic.

Germany has one of the most strict (and stupid) regulations for lights on a bicycle. Most stupid part is that you need to use a dynamo.

I have the Monkeylectric M133
They will indeed fit on a Strida
I have a SD with std 40-305 wheels
and it’s a tight fit,
but it can be done.

These spoke lights are amazing…Can you tell the best source to get these lights at most affordable prices?Waiting for reply thanks in advance:)

You can find a dealer list directly at their website:


For anyone looking, I bought a set of Rimfires and they absolutely will NOT fit on 18" rims! :cry:

The battery compartments make them too fat to fit between the spokes. I was going to get creative and rip them apart, but it was too much effort for me. The actual working portions are tiny! If one could fashion new battery compartments, was comfortable re-soldering some wiring on the circuit boards and waterproofing the boards, it could be done. I couldn’t see myself using them more than 3 months out of the year, so I gave them away.

Valve stem lights, here I come! Not the greatest, but cheap and better than nothing.

i use piaa ferris wheeled.
dont need to be 18”
from japan