Looking for Mk1 crank case

Hello fellow riders,

I brought a Mk1 Strida last night. On opening it to show my friend I dropped it and broke the crank case. I have tried to fix it as it has a crack straight through it. Has anybody got a crank case I could buy or point me in the right direction please???

If you know of a retro fit that would be much appreciated as well.

Thank you

Hello Johnnie2combs,

even for a Strida 3 - the follower version - it’s very hard to find this part, it seems in stock just in Korea (and perhaps France).

The logical question - if it would fit on older versions, like MK1 - can’t be answered definitely according to the drawings only. In fact are the older parts looking different to the Strida 3 drawing - I’d think it will not work…

You may look for another one with intact bottom bracket :neutral_face:

Thank you for the reply, I’m not sure what’s it’s called its the big plastic disk with the teeth. Chain wheel set ??? That’s the bit that is broken.

Thanks again

I see; first we have here a small communication issue, but at least that can be solved easily :smiley:

Please download this pdf
Strida 1 manual
and take a closer look at the last two pages.

Most likely you’re searching for part 14. “Front pulley mounting” ?
(I’d call that simply beltwheel…)

This part can be found for Strida 3 versions - not sure whether it will fit a Strida MK1…


Yes that’s the part. Thank you