Look after your balls! - and other Strida tips

Some Strida tips :-

  1. One aspect of the Strida which requires special care is the top steering ball joint. If the top 2 tubes are splayed too far apart this puts strain on he ball joint and can result in damage. On early models this could fracture the socket and render the bike unusable. On later models the ball disengages but the socket can be strained and it is recommended that it is then replaced.

A simple, very low cost way to prevent this is to restrain how far the tubes can splay with a length of web strap and 2 Jubille clips as shown below. (This also makes unfolding easier). Note the positioning of the screw barrels and the strips of webbing to avoid damage to the frame. One sits neatly in the recess in the rear rack, the other is at the front but slightly offset to the left to ensure it clears the bottom tube when this is folded up.

  1. I find with my Strida when folded that the brake cables cause the handlebars to spring outwards slightly. To fix this I’ve replaced one of the brake cord loops with elastic which can then be used to keep the bars neatly together as shown.

  1. Stridas have alloy cranks and steel pedals. While your bike is new it’s worth unscrewing the pedals from the cranks, applying some waterproof grease to the threads and replacing them to avoid them seizing into place and being difficult to remove at a later date. (Note: remember the left hand pedal has a left hand thread!)

  2. Stridas are not common (in the UK at least). Photograph your bike, in particular the serial number. This could be useful in the event of a theft for an insurance claim.

Happy riding!


Thanks DrCaligari of Nottingham,

I’m very glad to see new ideas here!

Good tips thanks for Sharing !!

That strap could also double as shoulder carrier …
picasaweb.google.com/1053980757 … 8726145506

Hey Ed

I spotted you riding past vauxhall bridge along Millbank today! i recognised your bike by the strap you added ! Was it you???

Hi nindyz,

Yes, that was me, well spotted!! Where were you? I was down in London for a couple of days and trying out the bike. I was very please with how agile it was in London traffic and also pleased I replaced the saddle with a sprung saddle before coming down as London road surfaces leave a bit to be desired, especially when traffic limits your route options by forcing you to keep close to the kerb.
I also had one rear wheel puncture and was really pleased with the fact a spare tube can be quickly fitted without removing the rear wheel.

Best wishes,


Hi Ed
(i must remember my log in password!)
I work around that area and normally keep an eye out for strida riders, to be honest, you dont see many!
I own a Strida 5.0 in red, had a few wheel spoke issues, and main dealer issues, but i love the bike!Im not actually riding at the mo, my back has been playing up so its sitting all warm and snug at home :slight_smile:.
It was nice to see an earlier model still on the road, the only Strida ive seen in that area is a bloke who had a White Strida 5.0, but now seems to have a black Strida sx, he actually works in one of the buildings on Millbank (possibly the OFGEN building??), sorry to that rider by the way, never got to find out your name.
Anyway, it was good to see you on the open roads (can be a bit hectic to ride in central London though). im not sure what your journey is like, but a majority of my journey is cycling down a Dual carriageway 5 miles each way :open_mouth:


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