Long term Strida LT owner .... upgrades


I’ve had a lovely white Strida LT for a good 5 years now , imm6ft and with the bendy handlebar kit it fits beautifully

I was wondering where you guys get parts from as it probably needs a little love.

I was also considering a gear conversion and bigger wheels what are my options?

I’ve got the plastic 16” wheels so these aren’t ripe for rebuilding with a bigger rim

I see my gear options as the two speed schlump/ATS DRIVE or the replacement bottom arm with 3sp sturmey archer drive

What are everyone’s thoughts on a way forward?

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The Schlumpf kit for Strida is not any longer available while the ATS kit still is.

The alternative to the Sturmey Archer drive is nowadays the efneo GTRO:

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Hi Matt, yes I stock many Strida parts and thank you Chris for providing Matt a link. Also you may be interested in this post regarding the Efneo three speed drive, stridacanada.ca/efneo-gearbox-strida/ I do plan on stocking the Efneo gearbox for Strida owners soon.

Cheers, Bill

Any people tried this Efneo gear box system ? The good and the bad of it ? (outside it’s price)
Compare to usual rear hubs (which are not possible on the Strida…) ? Shimano hubs are quite sensitive if you miss one teeth with just a little wrong tension in the cable. i was wondering if thie Efneo would have the similar problem
Also the schlumpf drive ?
These are both pretty expensive, niche high quality I guess.

Seems so:
Link source:

Regarding Strida, it is for my meaning very good that I can be installed into all the older frames with the 60 mm bottom bracket - contrary to the EVO drive.
Is it good or bad to loose the pedaling backwards shift method of the EVO drive?
That will be mainly a matter of personal taste, right?
There is an additional shifting cable required for the efneo GTRO; please judge yourself if that is something you want to deal with or not.
The third cable will run most likely outside of the frame and it may interfere possibly with the steering lever clamp while folding - just this small flaw doesn’t count for me, I receive a convenient grip shift method in return :sunglasses:

Correct; usual rear hubs are not suitable because none of them does exist in a single-side mount version.
Yes I heard of that Shimano behaviour, unfortunately is my experience very limited because I’ve installed so far just two efneo drives and used one of them rarely due to lack of time for riding.

What do you mean exactly?
Cable issues can’t belong to a Schlumpf drive, these are available solely with heel shift (kick shift) switching mechanism, the actuator for the clutch is on this drives a steel rod - there’s no cable inside.
Nowadays, as the complete Schlumpf speed drive Strida kit is not any longer available, you would be forced to order a Schlumpf drive and beltwheel, belt and excenter separately!
I guess the costs would be in the end much higher than that for the efneo.
If you want to cut the costs there is still the compromise of the ATS speed drive kit:
But caution, the parts will be sent from outside the EU; most likely you have to expect additional costs for customs duty.