locking up the Strida/small buildings etc

i’m relaly interested in getting a Strida, but one concern is that i don’t want it to get stolen/damaged.

i’m sure that once its locked through the wheels to a post, that it can’t be taken off right?

but since it’s sort of sticking out, i wonder if people will try to pick it up/kick it/trip over it by accident?

and i’m wondering, what if i go to a small restaurant/mall/some weird place that doesn’t allow me to bring my strida in? then what would i do?

any help answering these questions is appreciated.

also, i wonder if anyone has strange stories they’ve had with their strida (like bad things that have happened to them/experienced because of the bike) i’m trying to write a pros/cons list before i get this bike. so far, my pros list is a lot longer than my cons, but i feel i might be biased because i just want this thing so much, and i’m not really considering things properly.

thanks for everyone’s responses in advance.

I Find the whole point of my Strida is to take it with me - into resturants, pubs etc. It has a neat feature taht the brakes can be locked when its folded (i originally wondered what those little loops sticking out of ends of handlebars are for :smiley: ). … so in the pub etc. the foled bike can be proped up against a wall or in a corner - not much more space than a couple of umbrellas.

Clubs and libraries usually have cloak rooms - so again no reason to leave outside.

Strange stories - each journey with a strida is one of discovery !! … These bikes are people magnets NOT recommended for the shy :smiley: … It is unusual if no one meantions the bike on each journey !! … usually “wow does that fold up” “cool” “how much” “where do you get those ?” people are generally intrigued - 1st its the shape, then they see the belt, then the wheels mounted on one side … I should be paid comission by strida I must have sold 100’s !

that’s great insight and really helpful thanks.

i have another quick question though.

has it ever happened where you’re in a place like a supermarket and you’re wearing a big backpack, you’re holding a shopping basket in one hand and you’re wheeling the strida with your other hand? wouldn’t that be a bit difficult? or do you just not put yourself in those kinds of situations?

thanks again

Thats a good question, what I do in supermarkets is either get a trolly and either sling the strida in it, or under it depending on design. Or with hand basket either park strida (on its rack or propped up on it wheels) in a the isle while I shop. OR Hold the basket in same hand has strida - the basket handles can just fit below the stem (handle) on the strida so both can be one handed - but if I buy say a few bottles it can get heavy on that arm !! … Other folding bikes which dont have stridas wheeling ability have to be 100% carried, and also fill most of a trolley.

My replies in bold above.
So, when are you getting your Strida :slight_smile: ?