Hello all,

A question to you, seasoned Strida riders !
I’m using mine more and more, even for quick shopping sessions in town. Even though the process is quick, it’s sometimes an annoyance to fold/unfold and carry the bike when entering a small shop just for a couple of minutes. In such cases I’d prefer to leave it outside sometimes. I’ve already ordered a side stand, now I’m wondering about what lock I could use. There’s no loop in the frame to insert a chain lock and attach the bike to some fixed point, which is a shame. So maybe just a U lock that could be inserted through the belt wheel… but I’m not sure I’d feel very comfortable to leave it outside knowing how easily the bike can be lifted and carried away…
What’s your experience with this? Any recommendation?

Hi Geo,

no experience here, but Strida wisdom says:
“Never leave her alone and you do not need a lock!”

Maybe you noticed that old thread;
Handcuffs as locking device

Nowadays it’s easy to see what it takes to open any lock, just check these few examples;

Already a while ago I was thinking about a lock, too - here’s what I found (halfways) acceptable:

This Kryptonite lock is pretty heavy and there is not much room left to secure the bike onto a pole,

if that’s required it would be possible to use an optional steel rope loop,

but it doesn’t interfere neither with folding nor pedaling.



Hello Geo,

I can tell about my solution to locking my Strida. At the beginning I was ready to follow the recommendation for secure parking as folded (manual page 11). But I realized my U-lock from good old MTB days back in late 80’s didn’t have enough reach. Any cable lock was not my choice so only folding lock remained on shopping list.

My choice was Abus Bordo 6000. Especially it’s rubberized gage and straps makes mounting on rear rack ideal because of the ideal dimensions, like it were created for Strida, just have a look:

Now I usually park my Strida unfolded but there are situations where even the reach of my lock isn’t enough or I must struggle a bit how I should “route” the lock links to get it done. Because the perfect fit I keep my lock on rack all the time, even during photo shooting…

Just my 2 cents…

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the useful suggestion.
I quite fancy one that would fit in the luggage rack.
The idea for me is to leave the unfolded bike outside, resting on its sidestand, and attach it to a fixed point. I would only do that when I’m leaving it for a very short moment - a few minutes, as I’m visiting a small shop for instance. In that case it’s a bit of a pain to fold it and carry it inside. In any other case I would take it with me.
So the lock doesn’t need to be bullet proof - it’s just there as a deterrent for the opportunistic thief. It’s just too bad there isn’t a loop on the frame !

While it does not address your lock request, I found someone who is selling canvas zip up bags for very reasonable on Ebay that look like they would hold a Strida and ordered several. Fold, zip, take with. For me, I would never leave my Strida unattended outside. One issue that has not been addressed is that it does not appear to take much force to seriously damage the bike, for example clipping the belt, and there are those who if they can’t steal something might show their displeasure by harming it.

A simple bicycle chain lock bought in the hardware store next door. It’s length is 1,20 meter and I twist it around the pipe between saddle and luggage rack.

When needed I thread the lock trough the back wheel, twist it around something very good rooted and then thread it through the gearwheel before I lock the lock.

I’m careless and let them alone for hours when I dive into the parallel universes of my favourite pub and the book store. (As I don’t know as which gender my Strida considers itself I call it politely they/them. Actually I think they are nonbinary. Because triangular entities might prefer it that way.)

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Hmpf. Cannot be folded with the lock placed around the pipe. Had to fix the lock at the luggage rack to be able to fold my Strida.

But I don’t fold it much anyway. Only while train rides and when I want to brag about my Strida.