Light weight brake levers

TRP ML 940 Carbon
Weight: 148grams/pair

TRP ML 950
Weight: 128 grams/pair

Weight: 67 grams/pair,235,1504,detail.html

Weight: [size=150]48 grams/pair[/size]


48gram is very very attractive :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for the link!
There seems to be few area to reduce weight along with Ti bolt :slight_smile:

Light weight brake levers might flex under stress so beware. The TRP levers mentioned above are actually made by this Chinese company which habitually knocks off KCNC, Extralite, and other light-weight component brands:

Sometimes you may find their products on Ebay for cheap but you get what you pay for. The levers I bought are okay but difficult to install/adjust and quite flex-y. There are some manufacturing imperfections too. The V-brake set I got is so problematic I ended up removing it.