Leather frame protector and carrying strap/handle

I found this beautifully handcrafted bike accessory perfect for my Strida. It is somewhat difficult to describe what it is because it’s unique and multifunctional. So take a look at the photo first:


As you can see it’s a leather strap laced onto the bicycle’s top tube and seat tube. It serves as a comfortable carrying handle and shoulder strap too:


It is called “Leather Bike Portage Strap,” made and sold by Geoff Franklin (Walnut Studiolo) on Etsy.com. In case you didn’t know, Etsy is an US online store where designers, artisans, and crafters sell their handmade creations. I love this website because one can always find lovingly made items that cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s Walnut Studiolo’s Etsy page:


I wasn’t sure whether the strap would fit Strida’s geometry when I ordered it. The result, however, is excellent:


An added bonus for Strida owners is that the strap is also a frame protector when you fold your bike or lock it to a rack or pole:


I’m very happy with the purchase and believe other Strida owners would be interested as well. In addition, Geoff makes several other handsome bike accessories, such as the leather U-lock holster and “Bike Cuff” (another frame protector). Since everything is handmade, you may propose custom jobs (different size/color, monogramming, etc.) to make your items even more one-of-a-kind. I think Geoff also accepts international orders.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Walnut Studiolo whatsoever. Just a satisfied customer. :smiley:

with your cream coloured strida the entire setup just looks absolutely cool! for my silver one it wouldn’t have the same effect.

Hi Ed,

I think you probably can custom order a different color. That’s one of the reasons why I love Etsy over generic shopping sites. You have direct interactions with people who actually make the products. If you are inspired you may join the creative process and request your own custom jobs.

Here’s another photo that I found showing different leather choices provided by Walnut Studiolo:

I’ll receive a custom one made for the Strida frame and measurements. A black one with white threads.

That will be my final touch to my Strida, I will post pictures when it’s installed…!

I’ve got my eye on one of these for my Strida too! It’d be nice to portage the bike up and down the stairs at the train station instead of waiting for the escalator or elevator. And it’d look so lovely with the leather seat and straps already in place!

Will update when I have one of these puppies.