Kwiggle bike claims to be world's most compact folding bike

We could not ride the Kwiggle at the Eurobike by ourselves,
but the demonstrations of driving speed and folding size were really impressive :wink:


too bad, otherwise, it will be a very interesting to ride it; also i saw some people rode it there during Eurobike show, maybe it’s their employees. :wink:


Yes, you’re right, these were people from the Kwiggle company…
however, the Kwiggle is not suitable for me - you know I’m lazy - I want to sit while riding :laughing:

Nice concept but:

  • The wheels are definitely too small, this can be quite dangerous on badly maintained streets/cycling lanes. The 14" wheels version they are preparing will be more suitable.

  • There are no tyres nor suspensions: no comfort

  • I doubt about the durability of the construction: it puts a lot of stress on the headset. That is probably the reason why you may not sit on the saddle.

  • The riding position: they call it upright biking. It is the least efficient riding position to climb hills, bridges, etc.

In my eyes, it is only a (better?) alternative to a scooter bike.