Korean riders' official meeting on Aug. 2008

Hooray !!

Korean riders will go on a journey together on 30th Aug. 2008. We will rent a big bus and stay the night at a beach. I hope somebody is preparing a great campfire at this moment :unamused:

And. . the Korean distributor will serve 2 technicians for our smooth riding :sunglasses:

Sometimes graphics tell more :mrgreen:

pics by Syance

(This is Syance. His Korean blog)

pics by Mangodegul

(my shoes… hehe :unamused: )

pics by Dooli *click each to view enlarged photo

(The cute girl in the middle is our Empress :open_mouth: )

The video UP !!

YouTube> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pJXArlLxmOQ