Keep Strida Original - say NO to Fakes!


Sorry, I did mean Deans - don’t know where I got Reeds from.

Your right about the puller - I just didn’t have the gear. I thought about going to my old mans he has every tool known to man, but we got there in the end.

Bad news about the spokes - you might be better biting the bullet and getting a nice machined hub strida wheel…


Yeah - I will keep the idea of replacing the wheel in mind if I get more problems with the spokes. Unreliability is the death knell of pleasure in cycling. I can’t be doing it. I don’t mind doing maintenance, but breakages I won’t put up with long term. £40 is cheap for a new wheel, and it is really good to find a company that will post at cost. wanted £15 to send me an aluminium rack. The rack itself was £49.

I got a bargain wheel rear for my Merc - brand, nicely made with an SRF-3, Sturmey Archer three speed hub for £35 + £7 postage, but I also got other spares for the Merc posted as well - a new sprocket and a new chain. I have worn out two chains already in its 3600 or so miles and I expect to find some wear on the rear sprocket when I replace the chain again this time. The original hub is totally good still, but I wanted a spare when I saw it at that price.

How can the faker make it? :confused: … vid=500242

Left: a welded stem
Right: a one-piece stem without welding surface :open_mouth:

Glad you guys are having fun with your SLOs! I must say, though: for a mere mortal like myself, with limited mechanical knowledge, the work you are having to put into keeping them on the road would be a major disincentive to buying one. After all, one of the main selling points of Strida (the original) is low-maintenance.


I had a genuine Strida 3 and still had plenty of mechanical work to do…


I have been using my Strida 3 for my daily commutes for over a year now. I don’t think I have done plenty of mechanical work on it. :unamused:

Photos taken at the night when I had just bought my Strida 3: Photos of my Strida 3.2 which I bought last night

Photos taken recently: New stickers and accessories on my Strida

I’ve been riding a Strida 5.0 almost 18 months now. Maintenance: zero.

I’ve been trying to ‘kill’ a strida3 for about 5+ years, still wont die :smiley:
But when It does, i’m sure the Strida5 will dance on its grave :mrgreen:


I notice that an ebay seller is selling fake Stridas in the UK: … 240%3A1318

Not being sold as a Strida, but it’s obviously a Strida fake.

Should this seller be reported to eBay or Strida, or both?

Latest update on the SLO

Again, not a completely trouble free report… it nearly made it but we had a puncture on the way into Leeds yesterday.

Patched it up enough at work to get me back to the car. Unfortunately, on closer examination, the canvass on the tyre had gone through… As I say, I did a quick repair with some Gaffa tape on the inside of the tyre and repaired the tube with a puncture repair kit that I keep at work. I also keep a pump there for emergencies!

Repaired properly this morning by putting tube and tyre salvaged from my old Strida 3. Only other job was to tension the belt, that if truth be told has always been a little slack since the wheel replacement in Jan.

Rear wheel is holding up well - no issues with the genuine article…!

So there we go, costs since last report - nil. I can’t help feeling though that if the SLO makers didn’t scimp quite so much and charged a little more… not the £500+ that Strida want though!

Finally funny thing happened the other day. I was waiting at some traffic lights on the SLO when a chap on a Brompton pulled alongside. When the lights changed he was so intent on getting the jump on me - his back light flew off as he set off… so if you are out there Brompton boy. I’ve got your rear light. If I see you again in Leeds city centre I’ll give you it back!

Happy ridings…


I got a puncture and was riding a while before I realised and the rim cut the cords in the tyre carcase. When I blew it up hard (20 psi over the maximum marked) the cords separated and I got a little bulge. I’m wondering of that’s how your tyre canvas carcase got damaged. The weight is all on that back wheel and I was surprised when I noticed the drag having just climbed a long hill and levelled out to find the rear tyre entirely flat. You can see how the carcase would get eaten up by the rim can’t you. I put on a Kenda that I bought from Dean’s Garage where you got your wheel from. It seems rather less robust than the original tyre, though it is rated to a higher pressure.

I have had no other problems with my SLO. The freewheel makes a little ‘clack’ noise when I take up the drive after coasting if I pedal hard. Maybe I can find a way of putting a little more grease in there, but I suppose the plastic will convey mechanical noise differently than an all metal freewheel would. It’s probably fine as it is. After my spoke replacements and re-tensioning the rest, the wheel seems to have settled down and no more have gone. I think the problem was just loose spokes rather than the hub itself as you were suggesting. I had to adjust my belt tension once after the belt jumped twice on VERY steep hills. No problem there. Two minutes with the hex key and it’s all fine now. I love being able tor ride it in decent trousers without tucking them into my socks. I regulalrly ride with fawn coloured chinos on and leave them flapping. I wouldn’t dare to do that on my chain driven bikes - the clean up of the trouser legs is too grim to risk.

I’m still loving it, especially since I only paid £110.


You are probably right - I think I probably overflated the tyre and developed a bulge… Usage not that high, probably 50 miles a month.

Mind you the SLO was a great icebreaker with the nurse who came to do our healthchecks at work! She was looking for a folder,tried to puasuade her to get one but she reckoned it wouldn’t go in her MX5!


I think that’s right about the MX5. Someone on bikeforums/ folders, was saying the Brompton wouldn’t go in the boot of the Miata which is an MX5 under a different badge.

I was running the 35psi SLO tyres at 55 - 60 when my bulge happened. The front is still at 50+ but it has never been ridden while flat with my 170 pounds on top of it. Could be that overpressure caused it, but Dean at Dean’s garage said it usually happened because of riding them flat and chopping up the canvas structure.

Hi all

Just a quick post to say that the SLO has behaved impeccably over the last 5 weeks. never missed a beat and no need to either spend anything or get the spanners out.

Just a quick point, I’ve been riding either a genuine Strida or a copy since 2003. In all that time I’ve never seen anyone else on one. For such a great design - why aren’t they the most popular folding bike. Don’t get me wrong, I see lots of folders, they are never Stridas!

My suspicion is that the market has decided that Stridas are to expensive for what they are…


IMHO Stridas are woefully undermarketed in Europe, probably in North America too. Any non-Internet oriented advertisements I’ve seen have always targeted Far Eastern markets.

I had heard of both Bromptons and Birdies before I ever saw one. In contrast, I had never heard of Strida before a chance sighting in Rouen, France. Amazing for a product that has been around for over 20 years.

I Agree about UK & European marketing.

In Asia / far east I hear Strida outsells ALL the usual suspects eg Korea, Taiwan (Ming’s home market), Indonesia etc. There is also a huge market for SLO’s in China - where they are made.

I agree about the lack of marketing, but if a product is good - it really should have established itself over a 20 year period.

I never ceased to be amazed by some of the negative reactions you get from people. It’s as if people are conditioned as to what a bike should look like and the fact the Strida is triangular seems to make it’s rider a figure of fun… I’ve got broad shoulders though. Don’t get me wrong you do get some compliments but they are outweighed by the negatives…

Best genuinely funny thing I got shouted at me was “do you do juggling as well!”


Guess it depends where you are. Where I am, reaction is split among kids (half laugh and point, half call out and say how cool they think it is). I have had stares from adults, but never really what I would call a negative reaction. Maybe the negs are just too polite to say anything.

I usually get asked at least a few times a week where it can be bought, how much it costs, etc, especially on weekends when I’m shopping at the market! Too bad my card holder fell off and I lost all the business cards, but hey, it’s not like I was getting a commission. :mrgreen:

My SLO has also been performing well over recent times. I took it to Spain on a plane and used it on a walking tour to carry the gear of my girlfriend and myself. You can hang a lot of stuff on an SLO or a real Strida come to that. I shipped it in the aircraft hold in its soft bag and it suffered a scratch as well as one of my blinky lights being smashed by the tender attentions of baggage handlers or being stuffed under half a ton of samsonite cases, but it all still works just fine.