Is this repairable?

I just bought this Evo 3 for GBP70 for the parts, but the reason it was so cheap was the join is broken:

I was wondering whether my car mechanic might be able to repair it?

And if not, would I be able to swap in this frame part in from my Strida 5.0?

Actually I do remember to have seen welded frame “ears”, just personally I would not trust a welding in this area.

Of course you can swap the complete front tube.

I’d hoped as much - the bike has a few items that mine doesn’t (bent handlebars, alloy pedals, 18in wheels), and of course the 3-speed B/B. Would that also slot into the 5.0? Or is the B/B area slightly different?

No, that is impossible.
That area is massively different; the bottom bracket housing diameter of a 5.0 is 60 mm while the EVO drives are 95 mm.

Ah. So, last question is, could I swap over the entire Evo bottom tube into the 5.0 then? I’m assuming all the fixtures are the same.

Well, I’m pretty sure that should work without any problem. :smiley:

(But however, on your place I’d try to source a new front tube - to get two functional bikes in the end :wink: What a pity that you are not located closer, I have a spare, black front tube here in Vienna.)

Me too - especially as I just bought a new freewheel for mine!

I picked up the bike this evening, and I’ve discovered that the missing chunk of the ‘ear’ was still attached to the latch.
I think I’m going to take it to a mechanic and see whether they think they can effect a repair to it. They might even be able to weld a washer to the outside face to give it more strength.
Then I still have to drill out the snapped hex bolt from the latch piece and find a replacement…

Extracting a broken bolt can be tricky - good luck :wink:
But to find replacement for a “raised countersunk screw” in M8 x 16 mm locally can’t be a problem (?)

A local welder did a good job - now I need some paint to match the brushed silver! Any ideas?

Yes that’s looking good!

Unfortunately I can’t assist with the paint (I’m just in doubt that they ever heard of “RAL” colours).

But I’d like to add a few thoughts:

  • For my understanding, such an issue can happen only if at least one (or perhaps both?) of the two 274 bolts loosened itself somehow.
    Therefore I’d keep an eye on these two bolts and check them repeatedly.

  • Such issues MAY have to do with a faulty rear hinge.
    Checking/refurbishing of the rear hinge parts MAY help in certain cases.

  • The torque amounts at the actual Strida online manual for the mentioned two 274 bolts AND that of the rear hinge bolt 373 are too high for my meaning.
    I’d recommend to decrease these amounts for 40 - 50%!

The previous owner told me how it happened: it fell over onto a hard surface while folded up on the train home one night, and the metal cracked. He carried on riding it and a couple days later it failed completely.

I’d agree with you that the torque doesn’t need to be that high. The thread locker is so strong that the bolt in the latch piece wouldn’t have come loose in a million years! All other joints seem to be okay but I won’t know until I get it back together and ride it.

It’s all back together - had a few rides on it with no ill effects, but I’ll keep an eye on it in the coming months.