Is this a fake Strida?


I would like to buy a used Strida bicycle. Could you help me to decide whether it is original or fake Strida. Here is the advertisement:

There is also a same black one:

I have just written an email to the adverser to send me closer photos.


Hello Thomas,

generally are all pictures too bad to be sure for 100%…

but…hubs, cranks, rotors and kickstand are looking suspicious…

And there’s a lot more:

At the golden steering tube one can recognize an area of different color,
suprisingly just close to the locking mechanism :unamused:
The L-shape of the locking mechanism’s frame ears is different from original,
(the outer shape seems rectangular which the original is not)

  • just a guess, but maybe there were new ears welded onto the frame tube?

Look at the black seat tube - it is bent! :open_mouth:

I’d ask the seller if he knows that Ming cycle might sue the abuse of the name Strida…

Please be very careful if you want to buy a used Strida - even it’s definitely a genuine one!

Good luck,


Thank you for your reply!

I have just received closer photos:

Thanks to you :smiley:

Did you notice there’s no picture of the colored area?

No doubt for me - these are fakes!

I came across this in our apartment car park… looks like a Strida … kinda… well NO!!