Is the rear rack with straps useful compared to the oem one?

Has anyone used the alloy rack with straps could comment on its usefullness compared to the original one thats alloy? … =3&aid=132

My plastic rack is finally showing its age and cracking where it meets the bike frame, so i was thinking of replacing it for an alloy one but i also saw this one comes with sides that looks like it would keep panniers from hitting your bike. Has anyone used one of these racks can comment if it is any better than the original style? Would it affect the fold when flip it up to the seat and try to squeeze it into small areas? Or is this mostly a cosmetic thing to make it look useful? Since im thinking strapping any pannier on it would flop and swing around like crazy because of the single mounting point at the seat mount.

My experience with both types of rear racks indicates that the newer one with pannier supports is more useful, albeit slightly. Those supports are too small for most panniers but the smaller ones such as Ortlieb Front Roller.

Those are nice mini bags. for 8 more bucks I ordered the one with the Pannier side railings. will see how it looks once I get this in the mail next week :slight_smile:. I’m using the Carradice Nelson Longflap underseat bag for now which is more than enough for daily commuting but it’s nice to have the option for extra luggage in the future if needed. I think I can also strap some mini handlebar velcro bags to the side railings too without it flopping around.

Just wanted to say with the new rack it felt much more substantial and actually looks pretty cool. When the strida rests on the rack in the folded position it does not bend and lean to one side as the plastic one does. Another neat thing I did not know was under one of the side railings had two machined holes for a mini bike pump mount! That was actually a pretty neat way to store your pump because it will not be in the way of any bags that you hook onto it. I have to say it was a good upgrade to the bike.

If anyone in Toronto would like the old plastic rack you can have it (pick up), there’s just a crack down the middle where it meets the bike but I reinforced it with some tie wraps. Else I will just recycle it because I doubt there is any need to move back to the original rack.