Is 6'1" too tall to ride a Strida 5.0?

I am contemplating to buy a Strida SX, XT, or MAS, but it seems that these frames might be a bit tight for me at 6’ 1’'. The taller you are, the more you have to raise the seat which brings the rider closer to the bars…

But I read about a new frame that would be suited for a taller person, but I was wondering if there are any riders out there (at my height) who have bought the 5.0 ? (with 16" wheels).

Oh, and I want 18" wheels.

Thanks in advance.

Larry from NYC

Hi Larry,

I believe the SX is the extra tall frame + 18" wheels, at least that’s how it’s spec’ed here: Please be aware that, as far as I know, the 18" wheels cannot be equipped with fenders.

I am 6 feet tall and have no probs with the standard 5.2. As you can see on the Strida Europe site, there is also a bent handlebar option that gives you a little bit of extra leg room. Not sure if that option is available from the North American distributor, though.


Hi StridaD,

Yes, I have seen this model, but it does not appear to be available in the States.
Tell me, when you pedal, can your legs thrust 90% down with a small bend? This is what I am trying to achieve in the Strida, if possible.

And, I do not need fenders…

Best, Larry

I’ve read the 18" Strida SX is not all that much different from a 5.2 beyond the larger wheels. It appears to have the same frame with a longer reach handlebar - but I could be wrong. While the SX may not be available yet in the U.S., the 18" wheels and the bent handlebar StridaD mentioned are:

As I recall Mark Sanders is a tall fellow, too, and has commented on the Strida’s fit for taller persons like himself somewhere on-line.

Chainstrainer is right. The frame of the SX model is the same as the frame of Strida 5.x

The SX Limited edition is available for pre-order in the US now: STRiDA 5.0 SX Limited is available for pre-order in the US

Mark Sanders is 6’4" tall and rides his Stridas with no problem. :sunglasses:

90%? Kind of hard to quantify that, but I feel quite comfortable with the leg extension that I achieve. I guess another factor is body type, I am 6’ tall but perhaps I have a longer torso and shorter legs whereas you might be the other way around.

Someone mentioned Mark’s tips: one thing he does, which I have also done, is put the seat back as far as it will go on the seat rails.

As always, the best thing you can do is find a dealer or Strida owner near you and give one a spin. Good luck!

I owned the cream colored 5.0 a few months ago. At 6’1" I found the bike too small as my knees hit the handle bars and the bike felt unstable because I carry a lot of weight high (240 lbs). I sold the 5.0 and brought a Brompton folding bike which I love.

I did order the Strida SX which I recieved yesterday and the difference is amazing. With the larger high pressure wheels the bike rolls like a dream and the spring loaded seat makes this bike much more comfortable. Even though the frame size is the same I have much more room on the bike. I would encourage anyone over 6’ to go with the SX, you will feel less like a circus clown on it.

As mentioned before … Check out marks tips, he is over 6’3" tall and all he does is put the seat back on the mounting and set it up really high on the frame. Here is the link:

I’m 6’ and my knees are near the bars and they do have some clearance (but less than conventional bikes). The strida is an upright city bike, I like that, and I am happy to trade leaning forward for good visibility.

I’m 6’ tall, with a measured barefoot inseam of 32.75". I love my strida, but it is a bit close. On road frames, I found lemon’s formula of inseam * 0.883 to work pretty well for me. I just set the seat height to be 28.9" from the center of the bottom bracket. For mtn bikes, I use 3/4" less to give me more room to play.

Any case, using that height, I had to remove all the seat adjustment pins to set the seat high enough. FINALLY, the Strida really works. Although I have to stand with the bike on an angle, or on tiptoe, I can pedal efficiently, do longer rides (10+ miles) well. Prior to this, I set the height to be just high enough that I could stand flat footed. Using that height, I had more kneespace and the handlebar stretch felt better, but I would get tired on moderate hills, and just didn’t like pedaling more than about 2 miles.

So: proper height pros - more efficient, easier pedaling
cons: bike compartment feels small, have to stand tip-toe, bike is a bit squirrelier when first starting off.

I read one review a while ago that suggested an optional seat block should be offered. This block would allow the seat to be set further back for taller riders. Hellooooo. Strida? I want one of these… Further back would allow me to set the seat height lower, but still have proper extension, and make the compartment feel bigger.

The mudguards can be made to fit 18" tyres:

I’m 6’1’’ (i.e. 187 cm since I’m a Swede and prefer the metric system :wink:).

I had rather big problems finding a comfortable position, and avoiding hitting the bars with my knees whenever I was turning corners.

The solution for me was the wider, but ugly, bars plus adjusting the seat very high and move it a few centimeters backwards.

Now, my 5.2 is a dream to ride :smiley: