iPhone 4 bike mount

Hi guys,
I just got my Strida 5 two weeks ago and am loving it!

I’m already tweaking it to fit my daily commute (18" upgrade and bended steering on order) and I’m now looking to fit it with a bike computer.

But instead of using a dedicated cycle computer, I’m thinking of using my iPhone 4 instead. I always have the iPhone on me and I want to take advantage of its GPS capabilities for touring, sightseeing, etc. when I take my Strida with me on biz trips.

Right now, I’m partial to the Bicio Goride (us.dahon.com/accessories/2010/bi … unt-iphone), but they’re both not yet available for the iPhone 4.

I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations/experience on an iPhone bike mount and any of the bike computer apps available in the app store.

It need not necessarily be with the iPhone 4.

Thanks in advance,

If I had to choose between the two then I’d go for the biologic one:

  • weather proof - don’t wanna be caught out in the rain with an exposed iphone!
  • shock absorbing - seems to be sitting in a bed of elastomer so it can be easier on the poor phone.
  • more secure - the biologic is like a lid that fully encases the phone while the bicio just clips onto the edges, but bad bump can probably send your phone flying from 4ft in the air.

For me I’d just stick with a $50 bike computer, so if I ever break it i’ll easily replace it without much crying. while my iphone is tucked away into my foam padded trunk on my rack.

Check out RAM Mount:

ram-mount.com/NewProducts/ap … fault.aspx

I ended up buying RAM mounts. If you’re in the market for ANY mount (GPS, iPAD, smartphone, etc.), these guys really have it covered!

Their webshop is kinda complicated though and its easy to get confused as soon as you start buying additional accessories to have a universal mounting solution - one mount to rule them all!!!

Anyway, I bought the iPhone4 cradle, the bike mount, the car mount and the desk mount (would you believe, they even have a thigh-mount!). Will post pics as soon as I receive the cradle which they missed in my order.