Introduction and kickstand question

Hello to all the global strida family which I am happy to have joined in January I have derived so much pleasure from my black strida MAS and find the 2 gear pedal kick to change such a joy to use . I have just purchased from Strida the kickstand and it came without fitting instructions .The only place I can see where its possible to fit is the bolt on the centre bottom of the gear drive .before I undo this can any of you strida experts confirm that this is where the strida kickstand is fitted tgo the MAS model Thank you for your help. Screweloose

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Usually, the kickstand comes including a longer bolt, spring washer and another aluminium part.

Just put the aluminium part below the kickstand plate, the spring washer above and secure with the longer bolt.
(Never use the longer bolt without kickstand!)
The kickstand length, once mounted to bracket, can be adjusted via the Phillips screw at the side of the kickstand.

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