installing strida alloy chain wheel on stride evo

Hi all, is there any way to install the strida alloy chain wheel on stride eve? any special tools needed? Since i’ve already purchased an evo and alloy chain wheel set. Or could i fins any shop specialist on this modification in HK? Many THX :slight_smile:

Hello SunnyW,
welcome at Stridaforum!

There must be a way:

For installing of a usual (more below*) alloy belt wheel you would need, below others,
anyway a crank extractor tool (tool “L” of this thread : Strida workshop tool guide)

How comes that you’re in HK and don’t know about G.U.M.?

*Please note:
There must be two different belt wheel kits on the market:

  • One which is meant for single speed Strida (right crank arm fixed to beltwheel)
  • and the other one especially for the EVO (right crank not connected to beltwheel).

Which one do you have?
(It should be possible to use both beltwheels for EVO, but not the cranks.)

I have not been able to order EVO alloy crank sets from Strida so far. It may be possible that you have a alloy crank set for the single speed Strida’s and it will not work on the EVO.

cheers Bill

:slight_smile: Thanks for your reply, I’ve contact G.U.M. already, and they said there is no way to install the chain wheel set. Since i’ve seen it on the web, so i decided to D.I.Y. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any hints where can i get the tools “B” of the strida workshop tool set? many thanks

Actually I was very surprised by G.U.M.'s reply, but after a closer look I believe to understand:
Supposedly Philip’s team doesn’t have the (very special) required tool…and also no official installation advice from Ming’s side.

I’m still thinking that it must be possible, but it’s not that easy as it looks!

You can’t use a flat hook key to loosen the groove nut below the crank because it’s unreachable inside of the recessed spider.

Principially you’d need a tool similar to this,

but with 3 hooks (matching the groove nut’s slots) instead of four,
of course with different diameters too.

Retightening this nut will be another special challenge;
it should be done anyway with a torque wrench, the correct amount has to be figured out first.
You will also have to block the drive train somehow for tightening - think thoroughly about that!
(Worst case: Damaged EVO gear drive.)

There is one more detail you should consider:
Most likely were beltwheel and spider assembled together within some kind of centralizing device.
(Isn’t it suspicious that single beltwheels are not available?..see?)
You don’t have the required device; therefore you’ll have to expect an untrue run of the beltwheel.

Do you know what the term “chain line” does mean?
It’s the same with the belt line - it has to be straight.
As I do know a bit about Ming’s “precision” I’d take a look at it after mounting…
(Worst case: Correction of sideways beltwheel run required; could be done with washers of certain thickness below the beltwheel bolts.)

And you will need also a different “main” hook key (tool “A”):
Could you please assure if the outer diameter of the big groove nut on the left side of the drive is 95 mm?

You may want to consider belt wheels only by Five Big Enterprises. Ms. Victoria Liu is a forum member here. If you but the original Strida Alloy belt wheel, the crank arms are of no use to you.

Asked her already, but at the moment is no special solution for EVO available :smiley: