Insert 1.75-2.1 tube into 1.5 tyre?

Is it ok to insert 1.75-2.1 (the only available width I was able to find locally) tube into 1.5 tyre?

Dear msorc,

…guess what I have to recommend :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, did you already try it?
I’d expect trouble while fitting…

May I ask why you don’t order tubes via the web?
If you need help just tell me :smiley:


Here’s one in UK, for 4 GBP and 2,50 delivery to Ukraine :wink:

Not a problem to order via web. It was just a quick impulse purchase in a local shop to have a spare one. And then at home I realised it’s a bit wider than required.

Ah, I see…

However you may use the tube with wider tyres.
I’m not sure if it can be used in case of emergency.
Maybe you could give it back and force them to order the right ones :smiling_imp: