Inner dimension of Strida Saddle Bag ST-SB-002

Hello all, I am searching the inner dimension of Strida Saddle Bag ST-SB-002.

It is to know if it is possible to store a anti theft U ktyptonite evolution serie 4 STD (dimension : 229mm by 102mm).

Hello frsic,

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Should be this one:

Here are the desired dimensions of the bag:

Length top: ~ 21 cm
Length bottom: ~ 16 cm

Width from ~ 6 cm to ~ 11 cm

Height from ~ 8 cm to ~ 11 cm

For my meaning there’s no way to fit this lock inside, but perhaps one could hang it over the bag, parallel to the seat tube and between the fixing straps.

Maybe you consider a bigger bag?

These are from Korea; the Touxy bag

the Fulfill T - ZO

and Benheil



Thanks for your quick answer. I was thinking that will not fit inside.

I will look the different model you show me.

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Sure, no problem :smiley:

Please let me know if you need any detail info about above mentioned bags;
I do have samples of them (except Benheil) here :sunglasses:

Regarding the

Kryptonite Evolution series 4 Standard lock

I’d like to add a few comments:

Anyway we have here a high quality product, guess thieves would have a hard time trying to crack it.
But of course, due to it’s strength, it is also pretty heavy - adding at least 1,5 kgs to your bike.

I’ve tried to put it into above mentioned three bags; no way with the Touxy but it fits inside the Strida rear top bag and the Fulfill.
Naturally not in closed condition, the two parts have to be separated!

However, I’d not recommend to carry this lock inside of bags (too big and heavy)

  • the more as the nice frame bracket below was supplied already together with the lock.

It fits the bottom tube without any folding issue while the lock is properly secured - why not use that?

And there’s another advantage: You can choose your bag according to your flavour.

If this bracket wasn’t supplied with your lock - it’s available as a spare part, too:
Collier Transit FlexFrame-U Bracket