Indoor Trainer for Strida?

New to the forum, but I’ve been riding Stridas for 12 years now. Hello!

I have been thinking about building a DIY indoor trainer so my girlfriend and I can get in a few miles when the weather is bad, etc. Has anyone tried this before, or are there any existing trainers that work already? I’ll keep the forum posted on progress…

Hello NoSleepTilBrooklyn,


As far I know it is possible to use the Minoura Moz Roller (slightly modified).
But it seems that the Moz is not really easy to find in Europe…

Nice! Do you know how it has to be modified? Is there a reason the Moz works better for Stridas than other rollers? Thanks for the info!

Thinking abou it, it would probably be easier to build rollers than a stationary trainer from scratch due to the Strida’s axle/magnet assembly. Maybe there would be a way to make something that clamps to the seat/rear tube…

Sorry, I don’t remember what exactly Genuine_S did with the roller, but I’ll ask him.

Have a look here:

*This modification is for 18inch. For 16inch, different calculation is needed.
*Once you modify, you lose warranty.

By chance, I just needed to make one additional hole (in both end) to put one roller right position, as below. The rest are all original.

*The following image is NOT proportional to real size.
*This image was made based on Minoura moz-roller version 1.2 (black drum, improved nut)


  • Make sure to measure size of each parts (tire, wheelbase etc.)
  • A = around 155mm for 18inch, 130-133mm for 16inch depending on tire you have
  • B is specified by manual of Moz-roller, 10-15mm is recommended. This value can be less once you get used to, but no less than zero.

Dear Genuine_S,
thank you very much! :smiley: