Incredible performance of a tiny wheeled bike!

Two weeks ago, I rode my 26" wheeled Mountain Bike with my neighbor who rode his CarryMe DS and other friends from our home town, Tuen Mun to another town, Tsuen Wan and back.

The journey was about 50km long and we had to go up and down many long and steep inclines.
He logged our route by his cell phone with GPS device during the journey.

He got the maximum speed of 42.5km/h when he was going down an incline. It was so incredible! :open_mouth:

New record! :open_mouth:

There will be a tricycle version of CarryMe called CarryAll next year.

The CarryAll has just been announced on the Pacific Cycles website … 0=2&cat=22

Story about Uncle George Lin, the designer of CarryMe on The Straits Times, Singapore