increasing belt gear ratio/tension

i love my strida…but find that the gear ratio could be a little higher (lower, I am not sure of the terminology) but I would like to go faster, meaning I would like to tighten the belt so I can pedal faster. Can this be done? If my strida were a ten speed, its probably set at about a 3/10 speeds, whereas I would like it to be set at 6 or 7, if that makes any sense. Please advise if you know if this can be done.

It sounds like you’d like a higher gear ratio. To get this it would take,
bigger wheel diameter eg have a bike shop re-spoke the hubs … assuming strida5 … onto 18" rims / high pressure tyres … such rims are used on Birdy bikes. You’d have to ditch the fenders, but with high pressure tires you’d get a very fast Strida.

More information about the 18" wheels modification on a Strida 5 in Japan.

thanks. that strida with 18 inch wheels is pretty cool.

I appreciate the info. I think I’ll go with the Strida as it comes. I was really just wondering if there was any way to tighten anything on the existing bike, without making wholesale changes. Sounds like there is not. Oh well, the one plus, I find Strida really easy to ride up hills even hills with moderate to steep inclines.

Page 21 in the manual on belt tension does show you how to tighten the belt if that’s what you were after. Though it does warn that over tightening strains the bearings.

Tips from Mark Sanders: … _from_Mark
“On a Strida, for minimum drag / maximum efficiency of the belt, I advise riders to adjust and use it on minimum tension you can manage, before you get tooth jump. This varies depending on your weight and usage (eg fast take offs need more belt tension). I am very pleased with our new snubber system (ie the bearing near the belt at the back). This bearing normally does not touch the belt so adds no friction. But at times of extreme force (eg setting off hard) it prevents the teeth coming out of engagement with the rear pulley. This means the belt drive can run at minimal tension, ie maximum efficiency for most of the time. Even when the belt pushes against the snubber bearing, as it is a precision bearing, the friction increase is marginal.”