improved Strida LT frame 2013 or 2014?

I noticed on the Strida site that the newer LT colors show the frame reinforcements as on the Evo model: stem, BB, hinge … il&aid=198

Are these newer frames for sale already or coming next year?

They should be already on sale, for example here:

The “Mamba” was recently purchased from Strida Vienna:
[url]Anyone using solid tires?]

But I think this will also depend on how much LT’s the local dealer has had in stock, if you look at Strida Roma:!stridaromastore/c21kz
Of course it might be possible that they’re using just older pics…

However, I mean you should ask your your local dealer before ordering to be sure.
Guess you want the older version, because it might be a bit lighter?

All of the Lts that I have received from Strida this year have the reinforced frame, Strida build their bikes when the distributor orders their stock so Strida do not have stock on hand. I am sure there will be other distributors and dealers that will still have the non reinforced frames in Lt and SX models that have not yet been sold, I still have two from last year. Bill

Disclaimer, I am a Strida distributor and I like to sell Strida bikes!

I ended up getting a new orange bike but with the older style frame.
My dealer here in Thailand told me they order the older style frame to keep the costs down (although I paid ~700 which is the going rate for newer LTs).
My bike is orange with the AL rack and 5.0 wheels so maybe they can order specific buildups.
I decided to take a chance with the older frame style because it might be years until the reinforced frames come to SE Asia and I have no intent to abuse this bike jumping and stuff.
Every dealer in SE Asia works off the same distributor in Singapore and all I see them sell are the older frames in Thailand and surrounding countries, there is probably a 40’ container of the older frames waiting to be sold.
I have only seen the EVO and Mini come with the reinforced BB in this part of the world.

Anyway, I love the bike.
It is perfect for riding the train system but I find the 16" wheels a little too slow at cruising speed.
I thought of the SX at first but wanted the 16" wheels for train portability…sigh, tradeoffs.
Maybe I will get an EVO later when there are better color options.
I would love a glow in the dark EVO.

Great that you finally got it :smiley: …guess that was you ttakata73?
Don’t worry about the “old” frame, I believe that was just a prostration for the European Union…
and besides of that is the new frame more heavy.

You might consider to buy a second wheel set in 18", the change can be done in below one hour, once you’re used to it…

My friends old but otherwise healthy Strida 3.0 broke at the front steering hinge area, the bit welded on to the steering tube for bolting the pin cracked, where the new frames have now reinforced.

Such a case was reported a while ago at the Hong Kong Strida club as far I remember.
The frame was re-welded I think…
Maybe you are able to find this thread, was that perhaps posted by your friend?

Just a suspect, but I would think more of an unusual material failure, a massive welding mistake or a loose 274 bolt. Imagine one 274 bolt got loose: The forces in the connection between part nr 216 and the steering tube would not any longer be transferred by two welding seams - just by one!

Not a welding issue, BSA. It is the “triangle” aluminium bit that cracked. The alu bit was welded to the steering tube. The crack was a few mm near the bolt that hold the lock pin in place. It looks like metal fatigue and that spot seems to be the weakest spot of the whole bike.

So I believe the new steering tube lock pin reinforcement is actually useful.

I believe that something like that can happen only if the vice-versa 274 bolt is/was loose.
(Force overload of the single alu bit.)

Here in the Philippines the LT and EVO models come with the EN frame.