impossible for those under 5'4"

is anybody out there under five feet four who has a strida?

can anybody tell me if it’s really impossible for someone under five feet four inches to ride a strida?
i am 5’2 and lusting for one.

I from asia and 5’2", too.
I have Strida, rides everyday.

thanks so much for your reply.
do you have trouble reaching the ground at all? have you encountered any difficulties riding it? (there’s no store selling them around here, so i can’t go and test ride one.)

A friend visited recently with her 13 year old daughter - about 5’. She just rode the bike up the road here with no problem at all; didn’t even wobble.

The seat was set up for a 5’ 6" rider too!

I’m 5’ 7" & my seat’s maybe set an inch too high, as I prefer to get maximum effort into pedaling so I can go up some steepish hills.
When I stop, I can only put my tip toe on the ground, & if I stop on a steep hill I have to lean to the side to be able to touch the ground.
I could easily lower the seat though to be able to put my down flat.

I imagine it would be easier to initially ride the bike with the seat a little bit too low to get used to the riding style, then take it higher as you get more confident.


thank you cyclistjohn. i really appreciate your help.
i’m feeling closer and closer to a strida.
last question (i swear): anybody knows the measurement from the ground to the top of the seat when it is at the lowest position?

29 inches to the top of the seat moulding where the bolt fits through to fix the seat. So, you need to add to that the height of your chosen seat (I don’t have the Strida supplied seat handy) - probably 1.5 to 2 inches.