Image posting at in 5 steps

[size=150]How to share your own pictures, images here at Stridaforum:[/size]

1. Create your free account at an official picture hosting site, like

2. Load up your pictures
(It might be possible, depending on your image hoster, that the pictures must be resized before the upload, therefore you might use any picture software, here is a freeware example with ~ 30 languages:

3. Please resize your pictures to 480 x 360 (360 x 480) pixel, otherwise they will be cropped at the forum!

Edited 21.10.2013
For unknown reasons does the forum software accept now picture widths of up to 550 pixel.
The height limit without cropping wasn’t figured out yet, but up to 550 px should work.

4. Copy the imagelink (img code), which was generated by your picture host.
For example, when using photobucket, the wanted link is available by hovering the cursor over the thumbnails in the preview:

5. Paste the image link in the posting window, it should look like this:

The preview button shows possible failures:

A. The picture is cropped (too big)
B. The second image link does not work (twice (img) bracketed)
C. The third image link shows no picture (not (img) bracketed)

Welcome! :mrgreen:

Edited 12. 03. 2013:

Hej folks,

seems that some people still having trouble…

Anyway, here are lists of image hosting sites:

45 Photo Sharing Sites

Top 20 Photo Storage and Sharing Sites

- You have just a few Strida related pics and uploading/resizing issues?

Then you might send me the images via email,
I’d resize, upload and post them for you (of course signed with your nickname :wink: )

  • or -
    send you the generated imagecodes to post the pics by yourself.


And here’s the shortcut for “I don’t read tutorial” persons :wink: :

  1. Click on
  2. Then click on “Upload Starten” and choose the pic you want to show us. Click on “Upload”.
  3. Now you can see your uploaded pic and the link to this pic. Click on the link to mark it blue and copy and paste it in the forum:

:bulb: The result: