I'm new with a Mark I MkI Strida. Need tips please

Hello everybody and Happy New Year, i am writing from Paris,
I bought a Strida MkI when i fell in love with the design. Strida 1 is for me the most beautiful in black with whitewalls!
The one i just bought without knowing anything about this weard bike is a bit of a junk, i am not very handy but i will try to restore it enough to drive it.
The top ball plastic part was already a 3D but i will need to get another one made because it is cracked.
I have a few questions:

-i cannot “couple” the two wheels when folded so i guess a part is missing. I saw that later Stridas work with magnets, how does the MkI system work? Is the missing part available?

-the rear drum break seems stuck since the rear wheels turns with difficulty.
I am a bit worried about dismantling it to see what goes on inside…
Are the break pads available as spare?
-The hollowed out screw for the break cable is broken, is it standard?

-Are the break cable available new as spare parts at Strida shop?

Thank you very much. Ben.

Hello Ben,

thanks, also Happy New Year and welcome at Stridaforum!

Correct, the ancient versions had two plastic parts which snapped together, like, let’s say, “ball”(or more disc) and “pan” - just look below.

No (original), but 3D printable →

:laughing: Even the later version is nowadays available from Korea only.
Don’t try them - they are too large for your MK1!
(I have seen once MK1 and Strida 3 brake assemblies next to each other.)

No, I guess the preowner was creative :wink:
Or did you mean if you could use a standard cable adjusting screw to replace the shown, rusted one?
In that case I’d reply with yes, I think this is a standard part, too.

As far as I know there is nothing special at the cables, that is standard material which should be in stock at any workstore.

Btw, at this page, all the info about the ancient Strida versions is still present:

Best regards,


Thanks Chris!
have you tried the 3D part version?
I must say that i find these 3D parts fragile in general, especially if it is for a moving part and even more a snap part, i think it will broke…

So for the breaks there is nothig to do? When the drum pads are dead, well , it’s dead?

The fenders are compatible with the one for sale?

Thanks again.

Dear Ben,
gladly I’ll share the small bits of collected knowledge :smiley:
But I can tell to be familiar with Strida versions from 5.0 upwards only.
Personally I’d recommend not to ride these ancient bikes because they’re not serviceable any longer these days - to ride, I’d suggest a version from 5.0 upwards (each single part on the market).

Regarding 3D printing I’ve made the experience that material choice and printer settings are very important. For example, the standard PLA filament is for my meaning pretty weak and brittle, replaced by PETG are the parts really much stronger. With the right printer you can use nowadays even Carbon fibre reinforced filaments. (My printer’s buildplate is too small for the MK1 top joint part but I could try to print the wheel locking mechanism, just for fun.)

I’d say that depends on where you are…
Look, if you would be in India, Pakistan, Vietnam or so - surely you could find somebody who could rivet new pads on your brake. They may contain asbestos, cause they are made from old truck brakes, but who cares there.
Just in France, as like anywhere in Europe/US - I guess a workstore owner would just laugh at you. :cry:
That is unfortunately the sad truth here, no one is interested in repairs, the less the smaller they are.

Sorry, I don’t know.
(The part numbers of the first version are different to the later ones. So it’s not possible to tell from the technical drawings. Hmmm…and at a second look I’d say they are not equal to the later version…the old version had lugs for the reflectors…)

Of course i will ride it!!!
But just for fun not everyday, i bought it more for collection. I have other bikes .