I need parts for Strida 1 seat

Hello, I can’t ride my Strida 1 since it needs the Seat Mounting Moulding (halves) part number: B PLA 05 (LH) B PLA 06 (RH). Can I buy these parts in the US? Thank you.

Hello GTDPM:

some time ago we’ve asked Honkong for this part:


The forum search found 39 matches for “MK1” -
try to contact another MK1 owner (via the forum you might email them),
maybe it is possible to create one good MK1 Strida out of two broken ones?

Sorry, best regards


The seat mounting used on Strida 1 can be just simply replaced by the seat mounting used on current models of Strida if you don’t mind there are 3 bolts instead of 2 bolts on the seat mounting. :wink:

I think you can contact the US distributor of Strida for this.

Thank you for the advice that the newer seat mounting will work. I have a call and an email into US Strida contact. Hopefully they reply soon so I can get to riding.

Areaware had the seat assembly. I received it 2 days after ordering it. $20 plus $8 shipping.

Glad to hear that!

Have a safe ride! :smiley:

Hey, I need a exact same part and contacted Strida a few times and gave up.
Were you able to find the part? Let me know where I can get it!!!