I am a spammer?

WT…! :imp:

Why is there an external link to the folding bike section of bikeforums.net which is not counted as spam nor breaks their policy and I’m treated as a spammer as I only added the link of another folding bike forum on it?

The external links which I put onto the pages are definitely related to the articles themselves and provide extra information about the subjects.

Futhermore, I am not involved in the businesses of those folding bikes, e.g. A-bike and Strida manufacturers, distributors or dealers. I don’t think I have any conflict of interest on the articles. I’m just an ordinary folding bike user and like the ideas of them.

Very annoying. Is there a way to appeal this decision?

I want to know too. :imp:
Who will continue to contribute to the Wikipedia anymore as they are always trapped and treated as spammers so easily?!

It looks like a guy who calls himself Hu is being pretty badly behaved - I guess he must be anti-strida ? Anyone on here good at wikipedia editing ?

(Amuro - I thought you said ‘I am a spanner’ … and had been dismantling your bike :smiley: ).

If I had a spanner in hand when I saw the warning, I think I would have broken my monitor already. :laughing:
Although Spam is my favourite food all the time, I hate to be treated as a spammer. :wink: