Hub brake noise

Hi there. This is my first post! I have a Strida 3.2, which is about 6 months old and gets daily use. The front brake in particular has started to make an awful screech whan coming to rest. So if I pull up at traffic lights there is this loud ‘eeeeeeeek’ noise.
I have tried ‘roughening’ the brake shoes which worked for a few days, but the noise comes back. The brake drums look highly polished, and the shoes slightly shiny. I am concluding that the drums are too hard and the shoes not abrasive enough.

Anyone got any thoughts or experience of this?

(I know buying a 5 would sort it!)


Welcome to the stick fold :smiley:

have you tried roughening the drum too (just a bit) … I remember on old cars that glazed drums (or discs) used to screech and that was the cure … that or go dow the Selvio pass to burn them up :-0