How to stop (rear)brake making noise?

This is embarrassing: my up tuned EVO makes now time to time noise from rear brake. I can’t remember having experienced this last year. This noise that appears time to time makes me feel riding on a cheap bargain bike.

I googled some solutions and have done following twice:

I loosened the fastening bolts of calipers a little, pressed brake handle max and tightened it with wire. Then tightened the bolts again. This appeared to solve the problem for a short while - only.

Should I mention the brakes and pads are all new while wheels (brake disks) being used awhile during last year’s riding season.

Any insider tips? Anyone?


Hi Markku,

I’ve heard that another type of pad may stop the annoying squeeks.
Unfortunately I don’t know which type the original ones are.
Edit: It doesn’t make sense trying to separate by their look.
Just try a different type, Clarks / Hayes GX-2 / MX-2, 3, 4 are keywords to find matching ones.