How to service the freewhell of Strida LT?

Hi, There!
I’m just new here.
I’ve been using my Strida LT for 1 year and 6 months.
I use it on bimodal mode everyday, rain or shine.
Since i frequently pass to flooded road, the grease on my freewheel was melted due to water. :frowning:
I just want to ask your expertise on how to service my freewheel to have it a new grease?
What should tool to be use on removing the freewheel.
Also, please suggest any alternative or best grease to use.
Thanks in advance.
God bless! :smiley:

Hello biketowork,

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Please jump here: Open the freewheel
(In this article you will find also links to other posts, via these you can find more images of worn-out freewheels.)

Maybe it’s possible to show us a pic with the teeth of your freewheel?

From here: Belt twisted twice

I’d recommend to buy a new one; the effort with the old wheel will not be worth the effect.

Mine was the plastic freewheel. I just got it serviced this year.

Things to have :
-Magnet or bowl to hold the ball bearings
-Degreaser to clean the ball bearings and the ratchet mechanism

Tips :
-put grease on the runners so that you can stick the ball bearings so you’ll be needing a thick grease for this.
-don’t put too much grease as these will just overflow at the gaps. The recommended amount is 2/3 of the space.

The mechanic didn’t use a pin spanner though. He used a screw driver and tapped at the hole on the freewheel to open it.