How to remove Strida 3 wheel bearing

I am owner of a Strida 3 and lately the front wheel bearings (part no. 437 of the manual) makes a bad noise like “click”. The bearing in question is placed on the lower part of the axle, in the middle of the drum brake.
I’ve tried to remove that bearing several times without success.
Part of discussion is posted here: Strida workshop tool guide.
It seems that on my strida version one bearing is pressed directly on axle and the other one is pressed inside the wheel. There’s no spacer between two bearings, I think because the thick of axle is 12mm as the diameter of inner bearing ring.

Last night I removed the front wheel (where the noise comes from) and unfortunately I noticed that the bearing (part no. 437) was definitively broken, and the other one was also compromised.
Now I’ve got the axle with only the inner bearing ring pressed on axle. Next some images.

In the last image shown above is highlighted the blocked inner bearing ring.
At this point I’m asking if somebody could help me to:

  1. understand how to remove the broken inner bearing ring
  2. understand if there’s rust problems which causes the bearing block on axle (or spacer if is present?)

Thanks for your support. The explanation was very clear. My strida locking system originary was with plastic clip. I’ve changed it with the magnet and magnet keeper and I checked that magnet does not get in touch with neither hub nor outer bearing ring or bearing cover. On my Strida there’s a unique washer (about 3-4 mm high and with diameter like inner bearing ring) which covers the final part of the axle. The pressure (I suppose) should not create high axial stress to the radial bearing.

One thing I can tell you about the 5.0 series:
The spacer tube is actually made of Aluminium, so there’s no chance for rust.

I’ve visited today my friend Mike - who is accidentally owner of a folding bike store :laughing:

He meant besides the mentioned angle csrew driver method you might also:

  • Try to cool down (with cooling spray or big chest freezer) the whole thing, especially the axle area.
    Once it’s really cold, try to heat up the inner ring a soon as possible (prefer electric heat gun instead of open flame).

  • Grind a little slot in the edge of the inner ring by using a high speed mini cutting tool - you know “Dremel”? Once you have created a little corner in the edge perhaps you can move the ring in (nearby) radial direction.

  • If that all still not works you can make the slot deeper and longer, of course you cannot reach the inside edge with a round tool, but the rest of the ring could be finally cracked with chisel and hammer. Little accidental cuts in the axle would be irrelevant.

  • You might - naturally - also try to combine the mentioned methods.

I really hope you get rid of the ring soon, slowly we’re running out of tricks here… :wink:

Well, noticed that a little late, but:

You can reach now the hex nut of the axle!

No, not with that (accidentally found, mwahahaha)

But with a recessed ring wrench, no?

Surely much more easy to treat the thing without the brake (and the whole bike) hanging on it?

I’ll try to grind the inner bearing ring by using a high speed mini cutting tool.
Looking at the pictures in the previous post, do you think the spacer is present? Is the part after the groove at the top?
Or the part after the groove is the axle itself?

Surely (now that i can, because the bearing has exploded) I’ll remove the axle before operating!!! :smiley:

Thanks for all your effort to get the pics working :wink:

That’s without any doubt the whole inner bearing ring, marked with X the ball groove in the middle of the ring.

We did not mention by now that you also should do something with your front wheel, I’d suggest to replace it.
Do you have a local supplier for that old parts?

Do you (or one of your friends) accidentally speak Korean?

Sorry, I meant the groove highlighted in the image below.

I realized that the other groove was of the inner bearing ring.
Unfortunately I don’t speak Korean. But I can find the spareparts on the online store “”.
But I’m considering which parts to order and how much it will cost to me…

I’m afraid that if I have to change the wheel I also have to change the axles…as my axles accomodate 8mm bolt while axles represented on manual accomodate 6mm bolt.

Aha, I see…

Sorry, but are you sure to get 3.0 parts at Vanmoof (

And - sorry again - I don’t understand your concerns about the axle, why do you think to need them new?

Is it caused by the plastic to magnet modification you mentioned before, that you cannot use the (obviously original) 6 mm thread?

Vanmoof told me they’ve got metal wheel for strida 3 and, in general, strida 3 spareparts.

My original axle’s thread is of 8mm and not of 6mm as shown in the manual. And that is the strange thing. The plastic to magnet modification does not implicate any change on bolt/scew and thread. Only adding one or two washer.

The concerns with the axles is that the thread of my axles is for screw of 8mm. Instead the manual indicates that screw for axle are of 6mm.
So ordering new wheels with new bearings I’m afraid that they are not suitable for the axle mounted on my bike.
I’m afraid that the external diameter of my axle is too big for bearings installed on new wheel and the final result is that I can’t mount it.

Amazing that Vanmoof has 3.0 parts, thanks for the info!

Yes, I believe to understand now:

  • If you order metal wheels and axles you can’t be sure if the axles fit your frame.
  • If you order just wheels you can’t be sure if the wheels fit your axles.

Hmmm, but you could also change the bearings later, if these of the metal wheels don’t fit.
Could you tell the dimensions of your wheel bearings?

The worst thing that could happen is the need of a custom spacer tube, I mean…
And to create a matching Aluminium tube is indeed easy :smiley:

I’m glad to have provided a useful information.
Vanmoof also told me that the wheels are supplied with bearings but not the spacer (which should be taken separately). This is strange, isn’t it?

Right. These are exactly my concerns.

My bearings should be the type 6901 (24x12x6) and the axle should be 12mm…unless the spacer is not present around the axle.
When I can unscrew the axle from the frame and remove the bearing inner ring I hope to have more information, which of course I will share with you.

That’s far more than strange…that’s :open_mouth: …as indicated, without having 3.0 parts in hands I won’t swear anything…but I think that must be wrong (or maybe a misunderstanding).

I’m also sure that there’s no spacer present on your axle yet; you will trust me once the ring is gone :wink: