How to post on this forum and how to sign up?

This post will explain how to post on this forum and how to sign up for the STRIDA FORUM.

If you would like to post your own question, or if you would like to react to an existing topic, this post is meant to give you instructions on how to do so.

To react or to create a topic, it is required to create an account. This is doen to prevent spam or bots of posting on this forum.

Step 1:

On a laptop or PC, you can sign up with the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right:

On mobile you can use the Join button and then click on ‘Create an Account’:

Step 2

You can create an account with any email-address or with you google / gmail account:

Step 3

After you’re succesfully loged in with your new account. You can reply a to a topic using the replay buttons:

If you can not find a topic related to your question or post, then you can use the ‘New Topic’ button in the top right to create a new topic. You can categorize this under a category and add tags optionally:

If you still need more help getting started, feel free to send an email to:

Happy posting and happy riding! :mountain_biking_man: :mountain_biking_man: :mountain_biking_man: