How to polish my strida?

Hey guys, i would like to ask you if you have any ideas on how to polish my strida bike…
i want to make it shine just like it was when i first bought it… do you have any tips for me???

Hello dear Sotos,

never tried before, but I guess any car polish will do.
I’d apply polish first on the insides of the bottom bracket triangle or the area below the seat molding to check paint compatibility :unamused:

And your freewheel is still fine?
Just curious… :smiley:

hiii!!! :slight_smile:
haha yes my freewheel works fine, i still do a lot of klms … i dont know why yours doesnt work good, maybe another quality, but i still cant explain that … for me, main thing are the legs that should be working, not the freewheel haha
About polishing, i thought on applying baby oil, but thats probably stupid haha
i see the new ones and i am a little bit jelous on how they shine hehe

Well, the freewheel seems to suffer a lot when it rains or snows as it attracts all the dirt.
I guess weather conditions are better in Greece than in Northern Europe :confused:

…well that could be a good explanation. It is a fact that, due to good weather conditions, my bike almost never sees rain or snow … for sure some dirty water on the street, but almost never rain or snow.
Anyway, i thought this bike is also made for riding in bad weather conditions… i still dont get it.

For sure, any bike should be made for riding in the rain. Ming Cycles should definitely add a test including water/mud projection in their validation plan. Furthermore, they should listen more to their customers and read this forum :wink:

I am convinced that some small modifications would make this bike more reliable at a very limited cost. Proposals have been made on this forum, but apparently Ming Cycle engineers prefer to work on expensive carbon frames… :imp:

Very well said, thank you…agree fully :imp: