How to know the model of this bike

I am given this bicycle, but how do I know the model/year is it?


excuse the counter question, but:
You wrote “this bicycle” - so you are not sure if it’s a genuine Strida?

However…hard to tell with just one pic, I’d say 2008 - 2011.
And - as above - I’d say it is a genuine one; SLO’s usually don’t have serial numbers at the underside of the bottom tube.

Well…the model: Strida 5 :smiley:

Hello, I would check for the S/N on the bottom of the rear tube, but the brake rotor doesn’t look Strida to me.

Cheers, Bill

Thanks Blackstridaaustria and Bill Wilby for the replies.

Which part of the bicycle you need me to capture photo?

From the tires model, I’ll googled it be a 16in model.

Image of the serial number under the frame

Hi, that sure looks like a Strida with that S/N. It must be a Strida 5.0