How to install a cyclocomputer on a plastic wheeled Strida 3

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Cyclocomputer Model: Cateye MC100W

(The price tag is in Hong Kong Dollar)

There’s a spare hole on one of the spokes for installing the reflector on the wheel

The magnet can be fitted here

(If you worry that the magnet will come off, just put some gule into the hole before attaching the magnet)

Attach the sensor on the single-sided front fork like this

Install the bracket and the computer on the handle bar or on the stem. That’s it!

I really doubt this works.
MicroWireless claims just 70 cm reach to the sensor. Maybe you may achieve it with fresh batteries, but I could not, using mine (with old batteries), which works OK on my MTB.

I would give a try with wired Cateye. Though the special magnet hole is smart. :slight_smile:

I fitted a wireless computer on my strida copy. It worked fine for about three hundred miles but now is reading very low and erratic speeds. I checked out the magnet and sensor position and they are fine. I suspect that the battery in the sender unit is now losing power and that the signal is failing to reach the handlebar unit.

I will do a check by spinning the wheel with the handlebar unit held at different distances from the wheel and see if I can replicate the issue and make it work properly by moving it closer.


It does work better when moved closer. It seems to be right on the edge of its operational range right now. I opened the sender unit and removed the battery. The voltage is 12.04V. The unit has a nominal voltage of 12 v, but when I measure brand new 1.5volt batteries they read about 1.59v - 1.60v. Maybe this battery is well within its parameters for 60cm separation, but not for the Strida distance - whatever that is.

I found a crafty way of getting around the wireless range problem I was having with my wireless cycle computer. The range was ok with a brand new battery when the computer was on the handlebar, but quite quickly it stopped working at the separation on the small wheeled Strida copy I have. So I mounted the computer on the front mudguard or Fender as some call it. This is a neat solution. I can see it fine from my riding position, and have no need to change modes when riding so now there is no problem and I am getting correct and accurate readings of both speed and mileage. Here’s a photo.

I used the normal handlebar mounting hardware, but cut off the plastic strap that links the click on mounting socket and the captive nut. I bored a small hole in the plastic mudguard with a small bit soldering iron and clamped the mounting socket centrally on top of the mudguard with the nut underneath. I can slip the speedo on and off the mudguard just as I used to do with it on the handlebar.

why use wireless for that? :slight_smile:

When I bought the wireless computer, it wasn’t intended to go there. I had it on the handlebar for about four months. It worked fine for a while and then started giving really erratic performance and completely false readings. I believe the battery voltage has declined slightly and now weakens the signal enough to stop it working on the handlebar. A few tests showed it couldn’t make the range any more. It is a lot further from the sender unit than it would be on a traditional bicycle. So - now I ended up with a semi redundant computer. Mounting it to the mudguard means I can use it again. I reckon it will work for ages down there.