How to fix a crooked seat

I have a Strida 2 that I bought recently 2nd hand – my first Strida. I love it except the seat is mounted crooked. It’s actually the whole seat mounting bracket – the seat is square with the bracket itself, but the whole assembly is crooked to the left. The angle puts the back tip of the seat about 2-3 cm (or an inch) left of center.

I tried taking a look by removing the four bolts and the two bands. The two pins which are inserted into the frame appeared straight, but I’m not sure. I tried to gently bend them towards the right, but didn’t want to break them or bend too far. Also, when I ride the bike, it sometimes feels like the seat gives a little from side to side. Is this normal, or is it a symptom of the problem I have described above?

Any suggestions or tips?

Thank you!

If you don’t mind the colour is black instead of grey, you can just simply replace the seat mounting with that of the current models of Strida.
Maybe you can still find a grey one as some distributors and Ming Cycle still keep stocks of Strida 3.x’s parts :wink:

Thanks – I didn’t know the seat mounts are interchangeable between Strida 2 and the current models. I’ve seen some “quick-adjust” seat mountings for sale online – would one of those work also?

Yes, it works on Strida 2 as well but I think it doesn’t match with the style and colour pattern of a Strida 2. :unamused:

Yes, it would change the look if it wasn’t grey. I don’t know of any distributors that sell parts – so far the only things I’ve seen online are “accessories” like seats, pedals, and luggage racks – but no seat mounts. I expected to have to do things myself when I bought it, so I think I’m going to take apart the mount to see what’s going on and if it can be fixed. When I took it off before, I had left the seat attached and didn’t really get a good look inside.