How to clean bottom tube bearings (those around pivot pin)?


I’ve just noticed that ball bearings in the bottom tube (marked as 100-03 and 100-04 in the manual) do not turn as clean and lubricated ball bearings should. No problem with steering, no signs of wear on the pivot pin (I bought strida only a month ago however), but it just feels wrong that those elements work as a plain bearing.

How should I clean and lubricate them? They are pressed into the tube…
Only WD-40 comes to mind, but it won’t serve as a lubricant.

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The bearings you mentioned (6802Z found on both) did not work really clean on both of my Stridas since I got them. One year later there is no difference, I mean.

Maybe we should not stick our fingers in every hole? :laughing:

I would suggest to keep an eye on that, usually should the bearings be lubricated for “lifetime”, I guess.
It would be really interesting if a bearing change (ceramic?) would cause a different steering behaviour :question:

Do you see any wear on the pin?

It depends heavily on the environment (I clean and lubricate bearings in my inline skates quite often (being near to the ground, they accumulate a lot of dirt)).

Bottom tube bearings are protected by the mudguard, but rain water still could get into, I think.

I don’t think there would be any difference. Handle bar length (lever arm) is big and resulting force is much greater than required to overcome friction in bearings.

I’ll try WD-40 + liquid grease (weldtite TF-2 maybe).

A slight shadow, but look yourself, pictured pin was about 600 km in use:

I will ask my bike mechanic about the bearing, more soon.

My kind bike mechanic said to the bearings:

Additionally he told me (we do know about each other for a short time, but our understanding is indeed extraordinary):

Hmm… :confused:

ok, I’ll leave these bearings as is for a while and see what happens =)

A friendly warning for those, who can’t keep their hands off…

For some kind of reason posted matcc this picture at HKSF:

These are, without any doubt, the only correct tools to extract the bearings:

slide hammer + (blind) bearing puller 14 - 19 mm

Thanks matcc!

Sorry, that’s wrong…


100-03 (“upper” bearing) = 6802Z = 15 x 24 x 5 mm

100-04 (“lower” bearing) = 6803Z = 17 x 26 x 5 mm

Strida part nr. - DIN identification - inner Ø x outer Ø x width