How much weight can a Strida carry?

I am looking into buying a foldable bicycle. As I weight already 98kg with clothes, I am wondering how much weight a Strida can carry. One local shop told me it could carry 100kg. Can this figure be backed up?

I found for other brands, that they either can carry 105kg of weight, or the total weight of the bicycle and the driver may be 120kg.

Hi Lutz,

yes, this figure can be backed up.
Just, funny thing - definitely not via the German manual!!
There it says you have to refer to page 63 - and this page does not exist!!

[size=150]Hej MSA - Euer deutsches Handbuch ist ein Sauhaufen!!![/size]

You have to look at the English manual, page 3 - 100 kg max. rider weight are correct.

However…on your place I’d not choose a LT model, you would waste much of your power in deforming the plastic wheels instead of propelling you forward.

Anyway you should try Strida before buying.

If you want to carry additional tons of load then you should definitely take a look at this brand:
140 kg limit for rider and load :exclamation:

Kind regards,


I fear I should Refrain from Strida as I would just meat the requirement. In the German Manuel I like the recommendation for a Helmut. and I will look into Bernds. second Choice is buying a Carrier for a towing hook.

Regards from the Green Hart in the Netherlands: flat enough for Single Speed bicycles.