how long is our brake cable housing and cables?

After 3 years my brake cable housing going to the rear has finally cracked but the cable still works. So this winter with the bike in storage i’m going to replace it with some shiny red or bright blue housing and new cables. Does anyone know how long is the housing and cables that the typical strida 5 should be? not the extended handlebars version just the regular narrower bars. I’m just going to the store and see how much I need but in case anyone had done this before it would make my life easier.

Hello Edd,

ownwer’s manual 2008 says:

front brake cable 1385 mm
front brake hose 1150 mm

rear brake cable 1530 mm
rear brake hose 1260 mm says:

front brake cable 1380 mm
front brake hose 1095 mm

rear brake cable 1500 mm
rear brake hose 1205 mm

Please refer to any manual for the measuring method!

Thanks i have the original manual and didnt think to check that!