how long have you owned your Strida for?

just out of curiosity…
dang, this forum is awesome!

About 15 months :slight_smile:

Three years (does this make it one of the 1st Mk3’s ?).

6 months (Strida 3.2)

8 months.

Though its been sleeping in a corner for a while as i was riding my road bike to work.

I’ve a sore throat :frowning: so I’ll wheel it out again and do some train assisted commuting again.

One week :smiley:

I’ve had my 5.0 for three months. It’s an awesome piece of design and engineering.

Questions: How often does the “Strida News” get updated? That link and some of the others in the header seem a little dated. The Strida 3.2 and 5.0 are finally available in the U.S. through Areaware’s distribution network but that information doesn’t show under “News” or “Where to Buy”. I’ve seen many entertaining and informative Strida videos on youTube that don’t appear here. Is there a moderator around?

I think Garry, the site admin is too busy that he can’t often update the news section of this site.
I have posted some links of youtube videos here:
Could you help us to update the information on the above thread?

Currently just short of two weeks.

And in that time I already managed to break a part ^_^;;

I’m sorry to hear about that.
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